Food  +  Fuel  +  Shelter  +  Clothing  +  Health

maybe even World Peace

iHEMP = Health 'n Wellness for everyone....NOW !!!

Why Choose Us?

Hemp Technologies Global has been involved with growing, processing and building with Industrial Hemp for more than 2 decades. We use the whole plant for food, fuel, shelter, clothing and health. We built the first permitted hemp homes in USA, Australia and New Zealand and we're pretty proud of that fact.

We only offer hemp products we have grown, processed and made ourselves so we can be sure of the ingredients and processes - we don't sell what we won't use ourselves.

Love the products we have received. The Hemp Cigarillo is smooth, subtle pleasant taste with a slight euphoric feeling. So awesome! I put a Cigar tip on the end to enhance the experience and get the most from this organic hemp Cigarillo.

Claudio Silvaggi

About Us

Greg Flavall

Hemp Farmer, Processor, Builder 'n Educator

HT Global is vertically integrated across the Agricultural Hemp Industry - all things HEMP:

- Seed Genetics

- Propagation

- Transplanting

- Harvesting

- Drying

- Post-Processing

- Extractions

- Formulations

- Products

Food, fuel, shelter, clothing, medicine, jobs - HEMP IS NOW !!!!

The Hemp plant is distinctly different from Marijuana or Cannabis. From technical fibres for car parts to the hemp seed oil you pour over your salad to the breathable hemp house you know you want to live in, Hemp Technologies is making most of the items you see on our website.

If you'd like to see other hemp products or have any suggestions drop us a line and share your thoughts - we're passionate about iHemp and all the wonderful products we can make with this miracle plant.

And if you want to build a hemp house we're here any time.


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Medford, Oregon

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